Jimmy Buffett

Buried Treasure, Vol. 1 [Deluxe Edition] [CD/DVD]

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. The Mobile Days [Narration] 9:37
  2. Don’t Bring Me Candy 2:26
  3. Lightfoot [Narration] 2:10
  4. The Circle Is Small 3:25
  5. Clunker Chord [Narration] 2:44
  6. Abandoned on Tuesday 2:47
  7. Technology 2:46
  8. I Can’t Be Your Hero Today 3:14
  9. Blame It on New Orleans 3:07
  10. Rickety Lane 2:17
  11. Sgt. Pepper in the Gumbo Pot 5:17
  12. The Wino Has Something to Say 2:20
  13. Where the Wind Takes You 3:52
  14. California Dreamin’ 2:31
  15. Nashville, Here We Come 2:31
  16. The Gypsy 2:11
  17. Hopelessly Gone :39
  18. Hopelessly Gone 2:22
  19. Simple Pleasures 2:11
  20. Simple Pleasures 4:02
  21. Close the World at Five 1:50
  22. Close the World at Five 2:38
  23. [Untitled] :57
  24. “From Mobile to Nashville"


Buried Treasure, Vol. 1 brings to light a demo tape Jimmy Buffett recorded for Nashville producer Buzz Cason in Mobile, Alabama and Nashville in 1969. Buffett forgot about these tapes, and so did Cason. They were discovered by engineer Travis Turk when cleaning a closet and, intrigued, Buffett decided to put out 11 of the best songs as Buried Treasure, Vol. 1. These recordings do showcase a nascent talent, one who is admittedly in thrall to Gordon Lightfoot. At times, he can also sound a little bit like Bob Lind ("The Gypsy") and he also dipped his toes into pure country-rock ("Abandoned on Tuesday"), but most of this features a singer/songwriter alone with a guitar, figuring out his own voice, and it's fascinating for that. [Buried Treasure, Vol. 1 was also released in a CD/DVD Deluxe Edition, featuring a 20-minute documentary on the DVD. The set also included a 40-page book.] ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi