Doom VFR

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Virtual reality gamers strap on their headset, travel to Mars, and then journey through Hell to battle demons in Doom VFR. The action is set after demons have invaded the Union Aerospace Corporation's Martian facility, and players assume the role of a cybernetic soldier tasked with maintaining order. Gamers wield classic weapons like chainsaws, the super shotgun, and the BFG 9000 as they blast and dismember their way through hordes of unspeakable monsters, and they can also solve puzzles and using teleportation and jet-strafing to move around new UAC Martian research facility areas.

Game Controls


Left Analog Stick = move
Right Analog Stick = look
R3 Button = interact
Circle Button = shield burst
Square Button = use weapon mod
Triangle Button = 180-degree turn
L1 Button = grenade
R1 Button = weapon wheel
L2 Button = teleport
R2 Button = fire weapon
D-Pad Up = dash forward
D-Pad Down = dash backwards
D-Pad Left = dash left
D-Pad Right = dash right
Touch Pad Button = dossier
Options Button = menu

X Button = dash back
Circle Button = dash right
Square Button = dash forward
Triangle Button = dash left
Move Button = teleport
T Button = grenade
Start Button = pause menu
Select Button = share

X Button = use weapon mod
Circle Button = shield burst
Square Button = weapon wheel
Triangle Button = 180-degree turn
Move Button = dossier
T Button = fire, interact
Start Button = pause menu
Select Button = share ~ Christopher Brown, All Game Guide