John Denver

Leaving on a Jet Plane

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Track Listing

  1. 1.1 Leaving on a Jet Plane (Electric Version) (The Mitchell Trio)
  2. 1.2 Baby, That's Where It Is (The Mitchell Trio)
  3. 1.3 Like to Deal with the Ladies As Sung in the Shower Accompanied By a Twenty-Seven Piece Band (The Mitchell Trio)
  4. 1.4 Both Sides Now (Denver, Boise ; Johnson) (Previously Unreleased)
  5. 1.5 Take Me to Tomorrow (Denver, Boise ; Johnson)
  6. 1.6 Victoria Dines Alone (Denver, Boise ; Johnson) (Previously Unreleased)
  7. 1.7 '68 Nixon (This Year's Model) (Denver, Boise ; Johnson)
  8. 1.8 Yellow Cat (Denver, Boise ; Johnson) (Previously Unreleased)
  9. 1.9 Leaving on a Jet Plane (The Mitchell Trio)
  10. 1.10 She Loves You (The Mitchell Trio)
  11. 1.11 He Was a Friend of Mine (The Mitchell Trio)
  12. 1.12 If You Had Me in Shackles (The Mitchell Trio) (Previously Unreleased Outtake from the Album the Mitchell Trio Alive, May, 1967)