Bad Times at the El Royale [Blu-ray/DVD]

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Seven strangers, each with their own dark past and secrets to hide, converge on the El Royale, a mysterious hotel sitting at the junction of California and Nevada. As the night progresses, the strangers - which include a vacuum salesman (John Hamm), a priest (Jeff Bridges), a struggling former singer (Cynthia Erivo), a Southern gangster (Dakota Johnson) and a charismatic leader (Chris Hemsworth) - find out that the hotel is not what it seems. Now they must survive one fateful night and find the redemption they so desperately seek - or die trying. Written and directed by Drew Goddard. ~ Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Bad Times at the El Royale
1. Bad Times At The El Royale [4:18]
2. Ten Years Later [15:01]
3. Room One [15:09]
4. Room Five [14:51]
5. Washington D.C. [1:55]
6. Room Seven [24:40]
7. Room Four [4:27]
8. Billy Lee [16:43]
9. Maintenance Closet [26:41]
10. Reno [10:11]
11. Bad Times At The El Royale [1:36]
12. Chapter 12 [5:50]
0. Chapters
1. Chapter 1 [10:16]
2. Chapter 2 [9:12]
3. Chapter 3 [9:05]