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Six-String Samurai

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. United States of Russia [Dialogue/Score] 1:04
  2. Neverland [Score] :12
  3. Love Pipe 3:17
  4. A Mother's Hand/Buddy [Score] 1:01
  5. Fly Away Little Butterfly [Dialogue/Score] :35
  6. Kill 200 Men (Dialogue) :12
  7. Boogie on the Beach 2:47
  8. I Do Not Like Rock & Roll (Dialogue) :11
  9. Hungarian Dance #5 3:05
  10. Arrowed Kid/Bowlers on the Floor (Dialogue) 1:07
  11. Rock & Rolling Ourselves to Death (Dialogue)/Jerry's Got the Squeeze B 2:19
  12. Lonely Highway of Love (Dialogue)/Scorchi Chornie 4:38
  13. My Darling Lorraine 2:52
  14. Astro [Score] 1:30
  15. Follow the Yellow Brick Road (Dialogue)/Leech :43
  16. See You Around Kid (Dialogue)/Siberia 3:29
  17. Good Golly Miss Molly 3:05
  18. My Love Is Killing Me 5:47
  19. Sacred Funeral [Score] 1:01
  20. Relentless Sun [Score] 1:47
  21. Over the Hill [Score] :47
  22. Bring His Guitar to Me (Dialogue)/Sahara Burn [Score] :55
  23. A Boy and His Spirit [Score] 1:00
  24. If You Were Me, You'd Be Good-Looking (Dialogue)/Surfing in Siberia 4:48
  25. Draggin a Fallen Hero [Score] 1:04
  26. Nice Tuxedo (Dialogue)/Showdown at Not Okay Corral [Score] 2:11
  27. Bend Before the Ways of Heavy Metal (Dialogue)/Dueling Guitars [Score] :58
  28. Dream March [Score] 1:01
  29. The Great Battle [Score] 2:46
  30. End of a Hero/Finale [Score] 2:24
  31. On My Way to Vegas [Score] 3:50



The Red Elvises, an L.A. group of Russians on guitar, balalaika, bass and drums provide the requisite moods for the soundtrack to this desert-based story. Buddy, a kid with a guitar (or six-string samurai), prowls the plains in an effort to crown himself king of Lost Vegas, an apocalyptic, post-King (i.e. Elvis) universe. The 31-track CD includes score and dialogue, and the Elvises' original music punctuates the spaghetti-Western/Seven Samurai action with appropriate retro flair. "Boogie on the Beach" is a happy ska number; "Love Pipe" is surf, but with a pumping polka backbeat. Ennio Morricone would certainly approve. But one must really ask themselves if they need any more variations in their collections on the forms Morricone and Dick Dale perfected. The film was the hit of the 1998 Slamdance Festival, a guerrilla adjunct to the high-profile Sundance Film Festival. ~ Denise Sullivan, Rovi

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