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Hunt for Red October [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. Hymn to Red October (Main Title) 5:08
  2. Nuclear Scam 7:18
  3. Putin's Demise :55
  4. Course Two-Five-Zero :22
  5. Ancesteral Aid 2:15
  6. Chopper 2:55
  7. Two Wives 2:42
  8. Red Route I 3:30
  9. Plane Crash 1:50
  10. Kaboom!!! 3:15


Immediate, dramatic and grand from the opening notes, this particular underscore would be notable if only for the inclusion of "Hymn To Red October" with its resounding imitation Red Army Choir. Exciting music that once in a while nods to action movie cliches but otherwise charts its own course. ~ Steven McDonald, Rovi