The Sundays

Static & Silence

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It took the Sundays five years to deliver their third album, Static Silence. Five years is a long time, especially in the quicksilver world of pop music, but the Sundays sound totally unbothered by their absence on Static Silence. Instead of sounding labored and forced, the album is gentle and effortless, as if it were recorded five months after Blind instead of five years. In some ways, that's a disappointment -- it would have been nice for the duo to show some progression, considering all of their time off -- but the record delivers the pleasant, endearing jangle pop that is the Sundays' signature sound. There's certainly nothing as catchy as "Here's Where the Story Ends" on Static Silence, and there aren't many songs that are instantly memorable, yet the album has a quiet charm that should satisfy most longtime fans. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi