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Roadside Prophets

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Many movie soundtracks convey the impression of two EPs intercut with each other -- one of moody instrumental music, the other of whatever rock songs happen to appear in the background of the film. Given that the main characters in the movie Roadside Prophets are rock stars -- Adam Horowitz and John Doe -- you would expect the soundtrack to feature lots of songs by those two artists and a couple of instrumentals to bulk out the package. The soundtrack to Roadside Prophets is, therefore, a surprise on several counts. John Doe has one song and Horowitz doesn't make any musical contribution. Doe's song is a good one, so good that he re-recorded it on his Kissingsohard album, so if you're a John Doe completist you can get it elsewhere. The actual reason to buy this CD is that there is some very good music from some underappreciated L.A. bands, and it all hangs together thanks to common musical themes and styles. The band Pray for Rain plays the majority of the tracks in a style which mixes rock and lounge jazz exotica very effectively -- there are moments that are reminiscent of the Club Foot Orchestra at their best. Most of the other groups get only one song, but in each case they're good ones. The normally goofy rockers Too Free Stooges turn in a remarkably straight performance on "Springtime," their only song on any major-label release, and Different World shines on the humorous "Dinosaur Tracks." Unlike many soundtracks, this is one you can enjoy listening to straight through. All in all, the soundtrack to Roadside Prophets is well worth having, though not for the reasons you might expect. ~ Richard Foss, Rovi

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