The Real McCoy

Another Night

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Real McCoy, a trio from Berlin, rightfully hit big with this collection of radio-friendly uptempo synth-driven pop tunes. Each track has a hook that is so simple it won't let go (and you probably won't want it to), you won't need to hear the album twice to be able to sing along, and the production is simple and insistent, perfectly suiting the vocals. The only drawback is having to make way for a rap by Olaf Jeglitza on each track. His deep voice is a perfect counterpoint to the girlish vocals of Patricia Petersen and Vanessa Mason, but he isn't given much to do, so the sameness is too much by the second track. That, however, is the only drawback, and at 11 cuts, one being a remix of the group's biggest hit, the ubiquitous title cut, the album is far too short. Successful CDs contain as few as two songs as strong as what is on Another Night, so to find this many solid tracks together is a find indeed. Standout cuts among standout cuts are Run Away, Ooh Boy, Love Devotion and Sleeping With an Angel. ~ Bryan Buss, Rovi

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