Bonus Fat

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. My Dad Sucks :35
  2. Mr. Bass 2:05
  3. I Like Food :16
  4. Hey Hey 1:31
  5. Weinerschnitzel :10
  6. Global Probing 1:06
  7. Ride the Wild 2:30
  8. It's a Hectic World 1:50


So-called because of the two bonus tracks that surfaced on this reissue of Fat, specifically the two sides from the group's original single, "Ride the Wild"/"It's a Hectic World." Aukerman hadn't joined the group yet, while the music is actually gentle, surf-inspired power pop more than anything else. "Ride the Wild" is a classic enough lament over a lyin' girl with Navetta's semi-tremolo twang doing what it can, vocals left down in the mix. "It's a Hectic World," meanwhile, is even more explicitly surfy in ways, but with a nervous, flat new wave edge to it as well -- not quite Devo if they grew up on the coast, but there's something to that comparison. ~ Ned Raggett, Rovi