John Williams

Raiders of the Lost Ark [Expanded Soundtrack]

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. The Raiders March
  2. Main Title: South America, 1936 [#]
  3. In the Idol's Temple
  4. Flight from Peru
  5. Journey to Nepal [#]
  6. The Medallion [#]
  7. To Cairo
  8. The Basket Game
  9. The Map Room: Dawn
  10. Reunion and the Dig Begins [#]
  11. The Well of the Souls
  12. Airplane Fight [#]
  13. Desert Chase
  14. Marion's Theme [From Raiders of the Lost Ark]
  15. The German Sub/To the Nazi Hideout [#]
  16. Ark Trek [#]
  17. The Miracle of the Ark
  18. The Warehouse [#]
  19. End Credits


The sheer fun of Williams' Saturday-Matinee-writ-large score is made especially evident on this DCC expanded version of the soundtrack album. Certainly, the stand-alone version of "The Raiders March" is present (edited from the end title music, which is also presented in complete form), but that just leads off a 75 minute collection that by turns thrills, chills, and generates mystery. In terms of his three best-known themes of the late 70s (Star Wars, Superman: The Movie, and Raiders Of The Lost Ark), the main Raiders theme really is the most striking of the group. This edition presents music from the submarine sequence, the complete desert chase music, even the brief building cue for the warehouse sequence, which finally provides the proper progression into the end titles. Having this complete a version of the music also underlines the wit applied to the project by composer Williams. Technically, the CD is fine, though the disc appears to have been mastered cautiously, with the levels kept a bit low. Certainly, this edition is an improvement over the original Polygram edition, which tended (in its CD version) to be a bit shrill. The expanded booklet, meanwhile, is no big deal, using needlessly large print throughout. Even so, this, too, is an improvement over the original. ~ Steven McDonald, Rovi