Premiére: Music from Brittany

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. Dans Loudieg 4:34
  2. The Demon Lover 4:42
  3. Ton Bale/Son Ar Rost 3:42
  4. Dans an Dro 3:09
  5. Jesuitmont 4:56
  6. Ton Bale Mur Ha Dans 4:24
  7. Gwerz Ar Marc'hadourig Bihan/Autrefois Disait un Guerrier/Ton Dérobée 4:41
  8. Bonnie Jean Cameron 4:08
  9. Laridé/An Dro 3:48
  10. War Hent Kerrigouarch/Sherrife Muir 5:19


Maybe you don't think of France as a hotbed of Celtic culture. And for the most part, you're right. But Brittany, a region in the west of France, is actually home to an entire Celtic subculture with its own very ancient language and a musical tradition that comes partly from eastern Europe and partly from the same sources as the Gaelic music of Ireland and Scotland. Kornog is a Breton group that was founded by a bouzouki-playing Scots emigre named Jamie McMenemy; the Breton members of the group play fiddle, guitar, and flute. This album is taken from a concert the group played in Minneapolis in 1983, and it's a marvelous recording. Jean-Michel Veillon plays flute and Christian Lemaitre plays fiddle in a style that would fit perfectly in an Irish pub session, but the tunes they play -- with names like "Gwerz Ar Marc'Hadourig Bihan" and "Dans Loudieg" -- have a rhythmic intricacy and a modal edge that set them apart from the Gaelic traditions of Celtic music. "Dans an Dro" includes some lovely interplay between McMenemy's bouzouki and Soïg Sibéril's guitar; and "Laride/An Dro" incorporates the bombarde, a reed instrument that plays a central role in Breton music. ~ Rick Anderson, Rovi

Influenced By Kornog