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Harvest [Original Soundtrack]

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. One by One 4:37
  2. Theme Park I 1:29
  3. Harvester 2:36
  4. River Run 3:29
  5. Tunnel Vision :58
  6. The Elephant Song 7:46
  7. Flesh Dance 2:18
  8. Stream Dream 1:10
  9. Shriek Freak 2:28
  10. Blood on Brick 2:01
  11. All in Death Is Sweet 1:58
  12. Operation Escape 2:42
  13. Flesh Fish 1:18
  14. Theme Park II 2:17
  15. I Want You Alive 4:26
  16. Harvest Moon Rave 3:59
  17. One by One (Reprise) 4:47



The last person one would expect to hear sing the theme to the obscure film The Harvest is pop singer Belinda Carlisle. On a soundtrack compiled of very strange, industrial tracks, one wonders where she comes into place. The answer lies in the film's producer, Morgan Mason, a former White House aid to Ronald Reagan, who just happens to be married to Belinda Carlisle. The soundtrack, performed by the Crash Baptists, evokes a desolate foreign landscape taken over by simultaneously earthy and synthetic compositions. With names like "Stream Dream," "Blood on Brick," "Flesh Fish," and "Harvest Moon Rave," the album is eclectic trance music, which is suited to a cult following, but its appeal is very constrained. Curiously religious on "The Elephant Song," which is spoken word folklore of Buddha's curse on the elephants, and either danceable, solemn, or tense on other tracks, it covers vast, often melancholic, ground. ~ Peter Fawthrop, Rovi

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