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Gladiator [1992 Original Soundtrack]

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Ridley Scott's Oscar-winning blockbuster Gladiator forever coldcocked Rowdy Herrington's 1992 boxing flick Gladiator and its punchy accompanying soundtrack, which goes a few rounds with some fallen stars, on the wrong side of the hit tracks. 3rd Bass, Martin Page, and Gerardo still train here, if you're looking. PM Dawn brings the breezy transcen-dance "For the Love of Peace." Warrant comes out swinging with its obviously inferior "We Will Rock You," walking the fine line between ambition (Jani Lane headed a Queen fan club) and reality (Warrant is not rock royalty). And why monkey with the greatest guitar climax in history? Clivilles Cole feel "Pride" and baptize U2's arena hymn in electro-gospel, maintaining an edge. Cheap Trick (why ask why?) delivers the final blow with a new "I Will Survive," an uppercut also playing a pivotal role in the film. As the early '90s disappear forever, you could choose a worse memoir than this Rocky-esque confidence-building workout. ~ Doug Stone, Rovi

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