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For Me and My Gal [Rhino]

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. Main Title 1:43
  2. Vaudeville Routine (Harry Palmer's Act) 1:33
  3. The Doll Shop, Pt. 1 :47
  4. Oh, You Beautiful Doll :36
  5. The Doll Shop, Pt. 1 Continued [Extended Version] 1:20
  6. Don't Leave Me Daddy 1:00
  7. Oh, You Beautiful Doll (Reprise) 1:02
  8. The Doll Shop, Pt. 2 1:05
  9. By the Beautiful Sea 1:27
  10. Darktown Strutters' Ball [Extended Version] :46
  11. For Me and My Gal 5:07
  12. The Confession 1:07
  13. When You Wore a Tulip 1:43
  14. Don't Bite the Hand That's Feeding You [outtake][Outtake] 1:15
  15. Do I Love You? 3:03
  16. It Started With Eve 1:12
  17. A Women's Prerogative :50
  18. After You've Gone 2:18
  19. The Spell of the Waltz [outtake][Outtake] 5:01
  20. Love Song [Extended Version] 4:50
  21. A Dream Crashes 1:36
  22. I'm Sorry I Made You Cry [outtake][Outtake] :58
  23. Tell Me [outtake][Outtake] :59
  24. Tell Me (Reprise) 2:00
  25. Till We Meet Again 1:18
  26. We Don't Want the Bacon, What We Want Is a Piece of the Rhine [Extended 2:16
  27. Ballin' the Jack 2:28
  28. The Small Time [Extended Version] 2:53
  29. What Are You Going to Do About the Boys? [Extended Version] 1:23
  30. How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm? 1:39
  31. There's a Long, Long Trail 2:48
  32. Where Do We Go from Here? :56
  33. Part 1: Over There/It's a Long Way to Tipperary :54
  34. Part 2: Ymca Montage Continued/Goodbye Broadway, Hello France :23
  35. Part 3: Yankee Doodle/Smiles :21
  36. Part 4: Hincky Dinky Parlay Voo (Mad'moiselle from Armentieres) /Oh, :27
  37. Part 5: Ymca Montage Continued/Pack up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit :50
  38. When Johnny Comes Marching Home [Extended Version] 1:07
  39. Finale [For Me and My Gal Reprise] 1:14
  40. Main Title [Alternate Version] 1:20
  41. Dear Old Pal of Mine [outtake][Outtake] 3:10
  42. Smiles [Extended Version/Outtake][Outtake][Take] :40
  43. Three Cheers for the Yanks [outtake][Outtake] 2:29
  44. For Me and My Gal [Original Finale/Outtake][Outtake] 2:27



Fans of MGM musicals should be bowing at the feet of producers Marilee Bradford and George Feltenstein for this ongoing series of Rhino releases. While some might prefer a few more examples of dramatic underscore along the lines of the North by Northwest release, albums such as this one are valuable indeed. Many of the tracks have been mixed to stereo from the available "angles" (MGM had an interesting method of multitracking in use between the 1930s and the 1950s), with some material being presented in mono from the best available sources. All of the available cues are presented here, some seeing their first album release, with several restored to full running time. The CD concludes with several alternates and outtakes, fascinating in themselves. For Me and My Gal did an interesting job of incorporating vaudeville and American folk song, and it's wonderful to have it presented this way. ~ Steven McDonald, Rovi

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