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Dirtchamber Sessions, Vol. 1

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. Intro/Tonto's Release/Untitled/Kool Keith Housing ... 7:18
  2. Bug Powder Dust/Pump Me Up/How High/Poison/Been Caught Stealing/I ... 6:44
  3. Best Part of Breaking Up/King Kut/Hey Can You Relate 6:03
  4. Funky Acid Makossa/What Time Is Love/Shafted Off/And the Break ... 7:52
  5. New York/Punk to Funk/I'm Sick 4:57
  6. The Home of Hip-Hop/Strong Island/Kowalski/Time to Get Ill/I'm Gonna Lo 5:48
  7. Get Down/Humpty Dance/Dope on Plastic/Beats and Pieces/Sure Shot 3:59
  8. Break Dancin' (Electric Boogie)/Doomsday of Rap/Ozone ... 8:40


As though he wasn't the feature player on each of the three Prodigy albums preceding it, The Dirtchamber Sessions presents Liam Howlett in a solo setting. But here, instead of showing off his production wizardry, his long history as a DJ and mixing abilities are on display. They're proved more than up to the task, as Howlett plays mix and match with over 50 records from his hip-hop and funk past. While the Chemical Brothers' mix album (released the year before) showcased the duo digging deep in their record crates for a set of soul chestnuts and rare finds, Howlett's selection and feel for the flow of a mix is superior. Including tracks by the JB's, Herbie Hancock, the 45 King, L.L. Cool J, the Sex Pistols, and Jane's Addiction, Howlett chooses grooves familiar to all and improvises around them (as any old-school DJ would think obvious) instead of mixing between two tracks few have ever heard. The result is an enlightening, practically flawless mix album. ~ John Bush, Rovi