Tear Da Club Up Thugs


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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. Dalazdayz 1:04
  2. Who the Crunkest 5:12
  3. Smoked Out 3:58
  4. I'm Losing It 2:05
  5. Throw Your Sets 4:54
  6. Undercover Freaks 3:21
  7. Wet Party 3:54
  8. Elbow a Nigga 3:26
  9. Hell Naw 3:39
  10. Get Buck, Get Wild 4:17
  11. On da Block :31
  12. What You Lookin' For 3:20
  13. Paper Chase 3:10
  14. Hypnotize Cash Money 4:23
  15. When God Calls Time Out 2:02
  16. Big Business 3:55
  17. When It's on It's Murder :30
  18. Push 'Em Off 4:30
  19. Slob on My Nob 1:59
  20. All Dirty Hoes 3:21
  21. Triple Six Clubhouse 2:44
  22. A Niggas Worst Downfall 3:29
  23. Hypnotize Minds/Profit Posse 3:57
  24. Comin' Up Next :28


Tear Da Club Up Thugs' debut album, Crazyndalazdayz, represents the rowdiest side of Three 6 Mafia, both in terms of beats as well as rhymes. Most of the songs have blatant references to riot-inciting violence, particularly songs such as "Get Buck, Get Wild" and "Elbow a Nigga." And when the rappers aren't trying to lyrically start fights, they're most likely spouting misogynist rants in songs such as "Slob on My Knob" and "All Dirty Hoes." So when you really sit down and think about it, this music appeals to the most primal male instincts. Furthermore, the up-tempo, hard-hitting beats only further evoke base feelings. So if you have a taste for rowdy music, this is about as rousing as music can get. In terms of cast, the album features a wide range of rappers, including everyone from the Three 6 Mafia camp, as well as guests such as Spice 1 and Too hort. Yet just as Prophet Posse focused almost exclusively on the horror side of Three 6 Mafia, Tear Da Club Up Thugs focuses almost exclusively on their violent side -- making the two groups quite similar, in fact. Yet this one-dimensional slant proves limiting over the course of an entire album, a problem that plagued Prophet Posse's Body Parts album as well as this one. Where Three 6 Mafia's better albums present a wide range of variety in terms of both lyrical content as well as beats, this album is nothing but rowdy up-tempo calls to violence. That's wonderful if that's all you're looking for, but, for most, this will prove a bit too redundant to be truly effective. ~ Jason Birchmeier, Rovi