Bernard Herrmann

Ghost and Mrs. Muir [Soundtrack Factory]

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. Main Title 1:57
  2. Local Train :28
  3. The Sea 1:36
  4. The Painting 1:42
  5. The Bedroom 1:01
  6. Exit :35
  7. Lucy Takes Gull Cottage 1:04
  8. The Ghost 1:44
  9. The Storm 2:06
  10. The Apparition 1:12
  11. About Ships 1:20
  12. Bedtime 2:00
  13. Poetry 2:06
  14. The In-Laws 1:36
  15. Pranks :37
  16. Lucia :56
  17. Dictation :34
  18. Daniel's Aunt 1:13
  19. Pastoral :51
  20. Nocturne 2:18
  21. London :48
  22. The Reading :55
  23. The Spring Sea 4:36
  24. Love 1:43
  25. Farewell 3:19
  26. The Home 1:12
  27. Sorrow 1:41
  28. The Empty Room :55
  29. The Passing Years 1:10
  30. Andante Cantabile 3:16
  31. The Late Sea 1:48
  32. End Title 2:12


This CD release of the original music recordings from Joseph L. Mankiewicz's 1947 film The Ghost and Mrs. Muir -- as opposed to the 1970s re-recording by Elmer Bernstein -- is a welcome addition to the CD catalog. One suspects that this is an unauthorized release, given the lack of licensing or other credits, but the quality is first-rate -- astonishingly clear for half-century-old orchestral recordings, and the music is some of the best that Bernard Herrmann ever composed, adapted in part from his opera Wuthering Heights. Listening to it free-standing, one can hear not only the beauty of the material itself, but it is also possible to hear -- even in the renowned and impassioned theme referring to Mrs. Muir and the sea -- thematic elements that Herrmann would reshape completely into totally new forms, in scores such as Jason and the Argonauts, in later years. The playing of the Fox Studio Orchestra is a match for the work of any symphony orchestra of the period, and the only flaw in this 50-minute CD is that the end title music fades a little too quickly and seems a bit ragged. The price is right, however, especially compared to some of the immensely expensive limited issue Fox soundtracks that came out of Europe when CDs were first hitting shelves. ~ Bruce Eder, Rovi