Jerry Goldsmith

Supergirl [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

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Curiously enough, though the movie itself was a rather poorly executed and highly disposable piece of work, Jerry Goldsmith's score remains one of his most enjoyable, with rousing fanfares that easily place it alongside his Star Trek scores; the "Overture" is excellent proof of that, being an alternate version of the main and end title music performed at a slightly faster tempo that suits the brassy themes very well. Fans of Goldsmith's penchant for odd synthesized elements will not be disappointed, either. This edition from Silva is a reissue of the expanded album originally issued in the U.K., and includes some 40 minutes more than the Varese Sarabande edition, as well as providing the cues as used in the film -- Varese used several alternate cues for their edition. Silva's editions also provide alternates of several cues that differed between the U.S. and international versions of the film. Altogether an excellent- sounding release, well worth adding to any film score collection. ~ Steven McDonald, Rovi