Greg Brown

One More Goodnight Kiss

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Singer/songwriter Greg Brown delivers his first classic on his fourth studio album, One More Goodnight Kiss, where he uses a keen observer's eye and his acoustic guitar to conjure up vivid images from his idyllic childhood. Born in Iowa, Greg Brown offers his reflections on small town life, from descriptions of the community characters hanging around the corner store to the importance of family bonds in keeping one's life grounded. This album is his tribute to his roots, and he brings these songs to life with a deep baritone voice that is surprisingly expressive for its limited range. The centerpiece of the album is "Canned Goods," a song dedicated to his grandmother that may catch you daydreaming about eating fresh produce on a perfect summer day. Greg Brown really shines on the up-tempo songs, where he gets to demonstrate his chops and let his guitar playfully duet with his gravelly voice. This is a great introduction to his early catalog and the birth of an important contemporary folk artist. ~ Vik Iyengar, Rovi