Whut? Thee Album

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. Psycho Ward 1:28
  2. Time 4 Sum Aksion 3:24
  3. Funk 2:18
  4. News Break :37
  5. So Ruff 3:46
  6. Rated "R" 3:21
  7. Watch Yo Nuggets 3:49
  8. Psycho Dub :28
  9. Jam 4 U 3:05
  10. Blow Your Mind 3:56
  11. Hardcore 1:58
  12. Funky Uncles 1:06
  13. Redman Meets Reggie Noble 2:31
  14. Tonight's da Night 3:22
  15. Blow Your Mind [Remix] 3:17
  16. I'm a Bad 2:52
  17. Sessed One Night :48
  18. How to Roll a Blunt 3:22
  19. Sooper Luver Interview :52
  20. A Day of Sooperman Lover 3:50
  21. Encore 1:21


Whut? Thee Album is a terrific debut that established Redman as one of the top MCs on the East Coast. His aggressive delivery is more than hardcore enough for the streets, but Whut? is first and foremost a party record. Redman's subject matter centers around his love of funk and his equal love of pot, with some sex and violence thrown in for good measure. He's able to carry it all off with a singular sense of style, thanks to a wild sense of humor that results in some outlandish boasts, surreal threats, and hilarious left-field jokes. In "Blow Your Mind," for example, he announces, "watch me freak it in Korean!," stumbles through part of a verse, and mutters "ah, forget it"; another great moment is "Redman Meets Reggie Noble," a brief duet between himself and his own alter ego in the great Slick Rick tradition. Other offbeat highlights include the genuinely useful instructional track "How to Roll a Blunt" and the hilarious sexcapade story song "A Day With Sooperman Lover." Credit for the album's infectious vibe also has to go to producer Erick Sermon, who fills Whut? with deep, loose-limbed beats cribbed from P-Funk and Zapp. Slamming party jams like "Time 4 Sum Aksion," "Rated R," and "Watch Yo Nuggets" are the real meat and potatoes of the record, and Redman's driving, forceful rhyme style makes them all the more invigorating. Still the strongest, most consistent outing in his catalog, Whut? Thee Album clearly heralds the arrival of a major talent. ~ Steve Huey, Rovi