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World Is a Wonderful Place: The Songs of Richard Thompson

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. The Knife Edge 2:01
  2. Pharoah 3:11
  3. How Will I Ever Be Simple Again 3:57
  4. It Don't Cost Much 4:33
  5. Down Where the Drunkards Roll 4:54
  6. Wheely Down 4:23
  7. Reckless Kind 3:56
  8. The End of the Rainbow 3:20
  9. I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight 5:40
  10. Love Is Bad For Business 2:40
  11. Dimming of the Day 3:52
  12. Waltzings For Dreamers 4:38
  13. (Untitled) [Instrumental] 3:31
  14. Night Comes In 9:30
  15. Sisters 4:36
  16. For Shame of Doing Wrong 3:23
  17. I Misunderstood 4:30
  18. Galway to Graceland 2:39


What with its chamber-orchestra version of "The Knife Edge" and Ron Kavana's talking-blues rendition of "I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight," this Richard Thompson tribute album is certainly quirkier than its direct competition (Beat the Retreat, released on Capitol in 1994). It will appeal more to purists, partly because Bonnie Raitt and David Byrne are nowhere to be found and partly because Martin Jessica Simpson do a far better job of "Down Where the Drunkards Roll" than Los Lobos ever could. The House Band makes "Pharaoh" their own, and Plainsong delivers a stunning a cappella version of the simultaneously heartbreaking and hilarious "Galway to Graceland" ("She was down by his graveside day after day/And come closing time they would pull her away"). The album's title song is a hidden track (number 13) that features a previously-unreleased, but unfortunately mediocre, Richard Linda Thompson performance. Ultimately, though, Beat the Retreat wins, because it has two performances each by June Tabor and Maddy Prior. It also has X doing "Shoot out the Lights," a song that could have been written as easily for John Doe and Exene Cervenka as it was for the Thompsons. Do yourself a favor and get both albums. ~ Rick Anderson, Rovi

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