Angelo Badalamenti

Twin Peaks [Original TV Soundtrack]

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. Twin Peaks Theme [Instrumental] 5:06
  2. Laura Palmer's Theme [Instrumental] 4:52
  3. Audrey's Dance 5:17
  4. The Nightingale 4:56
  5. Freshly Squeezed [Instrumental] 3:48
  6. The Bookhouse Boys [Instrumental] 3:29
  7. Into the Night 4:44
  8. Night Life in Twin Peaks [Instrumental] 3:27
  9. Dance of the Dream Man [Instrumental] 3:41
  10. Love Theme from "Twin Peaks" [Instrumental] 5:04
  11. Falling 5:23


Composer Angelo Badalamenti (Cousins) set the tone for David Lynch's bizarre television soap with a haunting theme created from electric piano, synthetic strings, and the twangiest guitar this side of Duane Eddy. The love theme, appropriately enough, sounds like a funeral march. (The series' central character was found dead at the beginning of the first episode.) The rest of the music, instantly recognizable to anyone who saw even one episode of the series, borders on fever-dream jazz. Lynch favorite Julee Cruise sings the only three vocal songs. The music from Twin Peaks is dark, cloying, and obsessive -- and one of the best scores ever written for television. ~ Brian Mansfield, Rovi