Traces of My Lipstick

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. All About Me (Intro) 1:59
  2. My Little Secret 4:28
  3. Softest Place on Earth 4:16
  4. Do You Know 3:36
  5. One of Those Love Songs 4:15
  6. The Arms of the One Who Loves You 4:20
  7. I Will 4:10
  8. Your Eyes 5:09
  9. All I Need 4:21
  10. Am I Dreamin' 5:43
  11. The Runaround 5:14
  12. Hold On 4:07
  13. All About Me (Reprise) 3:36
  14. [Untitled Track] 1:59



On their third album, Traces of My Lipstick, Xscape pretty much follows the cue of their two earlier efforts, with only slightly diminished results. The group sounds as good as ever, bringing real soul and passion to their performances, but unfortunately much of their record consists of average, unremarkable material. There are enough strong songs (primarily the singles) to make the record enjoyable, but it simply doesn't have the same resonance as their two earlier efforts. ~ Leo Stanley, Rovi