Bruce Broughton

Tombstone [Complete Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

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Although Bruce Broughton remains best known for his 1985 breakthrough score to Silverado, his score to 1993's Tombstone is arguably the better, more complex work, capturing the excitement, tension, and danger of the Wild West in even more vivid detail than its predecessor. Achieving a pitch-perfect balance between traditional Western film music -- e.g. the boozy saloon theme "Thespian Overture" and the landscape meditation "Looking at Heaven" -- and darker, more violent melodies fortified with slashing bursts of brass and thunderclap percussion, Broughton's score embraces both the reality and the mythology that now define the O.K. Corral in the collective consciousness. His arrangements extend far beyond the traditional symphonic elements, employing bass trumpets and sousaphones to communicate the violence and bloodlust of the Old West experience, elevating the horse opera to truly operatic heights. Highly recommended. ~ Jason Ankeny, Rovi